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Copy of Jacob Stainer Violin!Exceptional Sound!European Wood...
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Copy of Jacob Stainer Violin!Exceptional Sound!European Wood...
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     Hello and greetings to you, my dear customers. I am delighted to welcome you to my eBay store, where each fine instrument was tested and carefully 

picked  from having been fully handmade & by a skilled luthier practicing the painstaking but proven centuries-old methods.After years of comparision

among many a workshop in Beijing, now I decide to present you with these instruments crafted in 4 outstanding workshops. Hopefully they can arouse

your interest and delight you.  



          She (4/4 violin) was picked from Beijing Wang Zhiguo's Violin workshop, which has a history of 25 years and owned by our luthier, Master Wang. A true
artisan luthier,He traveled to Italy for further Violin-Making study and returned 3 years later. He does not make many instruments within a year, though
every piece he finishes is absolutely classic. As the best luthier, Master Wang always takes such factors as the individual character and resonance
of each of different wood, making adjustments in the course of construction to ensure a beautiful sound rather than simply adhering to a standard of length,
 arch, width, and what not. This violin was hand crafted by Master Wang Zhiguo from the start till then finish with greater care in every detail on the basis of Jacob Stainer
 Model, he selected the best-tone Bosnian Maple Back, Best-tone Austrian Spruce top for this violin,perfectly set up with high quality ebony fittings, both Master Wang is
 very proud for this violinit projects an outstanding sound, loud, deep resonant, superb response on every string, focused, profound, very well-balanced across all
 strings, pure sound. (Recommended for musicians,soloists or collectors)

·  100% handcrafted and hand oil varnished;

· Select Best-tone Bosnian Maple Wood  for the Back, and the Neck, choice best tonal Austrian Spruce Wood for the Belly; (seasoned for over 20 years)
· Top quality Ebony fittings and Ebony Fingerboard;
·  Neatly hand-inlaid purfling, nice arch;
·  Materly hand carved AUBERT bridge and Thomastik Dominant strings will be included;
·  Elaborately and elegantly carved Maple Wood Scroll;
·  High Quality violin case pictured below and a Pro Carbon Fiber Violin Bow included;
 Item Pictures:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Recent letters from Customers                                                                                                                                                          

Hello Mr. Lu! I want to tell you that I am absolutely satisfied with the violin that you have sent me. When I first set my eyes upon the violin, I was stunned. The violin looked incredible. What's even more amazing is the sound. Every description that you gave is accurate. The violin is sweet, warm, well-balanced, and projects very well. I have tried violins that cost more than $5,000 and they don't play as well as Master Wang's violin. Master Wang's violins are truly affordable masterpieces. All of my expectations have been exceeded. I took a gamble and bought a violin from eBay;that gamble clearly paid off. I am very happy that I bought this violin. Perhaps in the future, I will buy more. One thing is for sure; I will be telling my friends about this wonderful violin.
I am curious why the violin did not come with a label. I had hoped to have the label with Master Wang's signature. Master Wang is a true artist. His passion for violin making is evident in his work. I ask that you send me a label with Master Wang's signature so I can properly label my violin. An artist such as Master Wang deserves credit where it is due. Also, the label will be valuable when Master Wang's reputation increases and his violins appreciate in value. Once again, please send me a label with Master Wang's signature on it. Thank you very much, Mr. Lu!
Tuan Nguyen
Dear Lu,

I received my viola yesterday and my luthier has put the soundpost and the tailpiece on today.

I love my viola, it's so beautiful, perfect for me. Master Wang has made a wonderful work.

I send many thanks to you and to Master Wang for all.

And I want to tell you that you are so professionnal Lu, it was a real pleasure to communicate with you.

I will surely buy another things to you in the future.

I wish you a very good continuation in your business Lu.

Best wishes from me,


Dear Mr Lu,

I have sold one of Master Wang Zhiguo's violin (item no: 320663143298) to one of my former violin teacher today. He is very impressed with the beautiful sound of the violin. He agrees to introduce more people and students to Master Wang's wonderful violins. I played the IPE Master bow you sent me today and was also very impressed with it. It is comparable with some of my other bows that cost a lot more. I hope to order more of these bows in the near future.

I hope to show another violin teacher at a music school here another of Mast Wang's violin soon. This teacher is a graduate from a music school in Shanghai and plays the gucheng as well and is currently looking for a good violin. 

I am honoured to have my teacher to buy a violin from me that you recommended. My best regards to you and Master Wang!

Ever gratefully yours

Hi again Mr Lu,

I just want to tell you that the violin that you recommended me and I bought from you is very very good and I could not really express in words just how satisfied I am with the violin.

Initially when I collected the violin from the Customs Office, I was a bit skeptical about the violin because it did not look very nice and it looked more like a poorly maintained antique violin. However, the moment I started tuning it and playing it at home, I totally fell in love with the playability and sound of the instrument.

My only regret is that I did not get this type of violin earlier by Master Wang Zhiguo when I started buying violins online. I have a small collection now including a S C and an antique French violin which cost quite a lot and yet do not sound as good as Master Wang's violin.

I look forward in purchasing more of Master Wang's violins to add to my collection in the near future. I also hope to perform on his violins in public whenever I have a chance and introduce his violins to some of the music schools here. Many of the music schools here sell European violins that cost many many times more and yet do not sound good. Some sell Chinese made violins but they are mostly factory made for beginners. There is a huge potential for affordable intermediate to advanced level violins here for people who prefer quality and affordability. I am not a businessman and not a professional violinist. However, I am so impressed with this violin that it will be a shame not to let more people listen and to know more about Master Wang's violins.

I hope to keep in touch. I just could not stop e-mailing you through hotmail now just to let you know I am more than pleased with this violin. Please send my warmest regards to Master Wang for me. This violin is one of the best purchase I ever made.

May you and Master Wang and both your families be well and happy. May both of you be blessed with great health and prosperity.

Your friend
ebayer: samjr888

Hello Lu !
I just want to thank You for selling this fantastic violin to me and to give my honored greatings to master Wang for his great craftmanship !!
If You write down Your adress in China I would like to send You 2 of my CD?s .
Yours Ms , Professor and consertmaster.

The violin arrived on Friday.  I took it home where I welcomed it.  It was love at first sight.  Beautiful in appearance, perfect in size and shape for me to hold.  It had come a long way, coming from China.  I live in dry high desert country and wanted to give it some time to slowly adapt before sharing with you my thoughts.  Initially the sound seemed very locked up inside the body of the violin.  Understandable.  I played it for about 4 hours on Saturday.  I have played it every morning and evening since then.  It is opening up and showing its true colors.  It voice is very appealing to me.
At first I used one of my other bows, but out of curiosity decided to try the one you sent.  It works well with this violin.  I changed the chin rest because I prefer to use a Flesch chin rest.  I waited to order new strings to see what I thought might best compliment the violin as it now sounds.  Some are on their way. I expect to put them on this weekend.
I have four other violins but I have to say this one has stolen my heart. 
China is very special to me. I treasure having a top plate made from piece of spruce with so much history.
Thank you so much and thank Master Wang.
Valerie Eves
This little concert I did with your violin. I received great compliments on the sound. Bravissimo Lu

Dear Lu,
I received the violin in good condition 2 days ago but only had time to set it up today to test it.  I must say the quality of the vioin is all-round excellent, in terms of the tone, the build quality and the detailing.  Your description of the instrument was accurate. The violin quality is comparable to many that are ten times more costly.
Best regards,

Hello Lu. My name is Stephen and I purchased a violin from you and master Wang about 4 months ago. I just want to express how pleased I am with the violin. For the price, I cannot believe the value. The tone is so great . I love the way the violin is set up. The fittings are of the highest quality and the strings are nice and close to the fingerboard for easy vibrato. It's a shame that not many people know of how great Wang's violins are. Again, I want to thank you. 

Thanks, Stephen 

Dear Lu,

This evening I did a concert in front of a thousand people, your violin has played very well. I am the first violinist of an 'orchestra of 50 musicians. No one believes that my violin was made by a Chinese maker.  

This tool is exceptional Bravissimo !!!!!!!!!!
Reale Stefano

Hello Lu,
First I want to wish you a happy new year, since it's holiday in China.

I received the violin very fast and it was perfectly packed. I bought 3 violins in China, and no other one had such a secure packaging. Thank you for the care.

The violin itself is a masterpiece.
I can't find any defect. I only had to change the feet of the chinrest : the two big feet hurt my neck. The chinrest itself is ok and I still use it.
Another point is that for my small hand, the violin's neck could be a little thinner. But the thickness is only average and this isn't a defect.
Beyond this points, the only thing I can say is that the violin is perfect. The  tone is incredibly pure and rich. It' s really difficult to find words to describe it.
I know now why your descriptions of the violins are almost all the same : Because, all that you say about the sound is true, and the rest is beyond words....

The varnish is  the most beautiful violin's varnish I've  ever seen. Master Wang is absolutely a master luthier, with very fine craftmanship. I play his violin every day, and I think that the sound will  get even better with time, as every good violin improves when it's consistently played.
The carbon bow you joined to the violin is a good carbon bow. I appreciate that you didn't join a brazil wood bow because I would not have use it.
I usually use a master pernambuco bow, and sometimes a carbon bow.
The case is really fine.
I'm very confident in your ability to select violins and I could buy again from you. The only thing is that it will be hard to find a better violin than this one.
At least it would take to find one as good as this one, but different in tone and look.

I will surely recommend your store.

Valerie, from France.
Lu, WOW! This violin is awesome! I got it a today and tuned it up. It sounds beautiful! I have been playing a German violin for some time and this "Wang" makes that insrument sound as if it is muffled. I want to spread the word for you and maybe be your US contact for these fine instruments. I have already decided what I want to get next. The Joseph Guarneri del Gesu 1743 "Paginini's Cannon". I also want you to know how much I thank you for getting Wang to label it! That will be very important as the years go by. After seeing and holding and playing this violin, I realize what a fine insrument it is. There is no reason why we could not both be rich if we could get the word out about these "Wang" violins and cellos. Thanks and I will be talking to you soon. Respectfully,James
Hi Lu!
I must say that the cello I received is of very high quality, compared to the price. Strings are very personal, so I changed to D'Addario Helicore C and G and Kaplan Solutions D and A. Beautiful, warm sound, very nice and even quality between strings, nice varnish and appearance. I have bought 45 string instruments from chinese dealers and the highest quality are your violins/cellos. Congratulations!
Erik Wang
Headmaster of Ringebu Music School,Norway
Dear Lu
I received the violin from you today. It sounds just like you said - amazing! - deep rich lower register, clear beautiful notes in the upper register and responsive in between and that is when it is new!
The varnish is absolutely superb with much more colour and depth than the photographs
on the website.
And the case is top class. I used my old bow to try the instrument but will try the new bow soon.
Congratulations on being able to make such a fine, brilliant value instrument and for taking so much trouble to pack it safely and enable tracking.
I will be recommending you whenever I can.
My best regards to you.
Gavin Davidson
Dear Lu,
My friend Michael in Michigan showed me his two violins that he had purchased from you. They had good tone and the craftsmanship was very nice. Even the bow that came with it was fair. He told me that I could buy it and if I didn't like it, I could send it back. I ordered one and was very happy with the overall quality, projection, and tone. I play in a zydeco/cajun band,, and needed an upgrade from what I had. I am thinking of buying another one so I could have one tuned a step down for Cajun. The extra Pernambuco bow that I purchased is nice too. Thank you!

Kirk Jones

Sleeping Bear Farms   beekeepers making honey...
Benzie Playboys           cajun and zydeco band........
"The violin finally arrived today Lu and it's all I expected & more.  Quite bright , focused & loud. Definitely an instrument I can work happily with.  Please give my regards to Master Wang for his fine work. I appreciate this violin so much.  And thank you too for the bows; I've found that they're actually quite responsive & choose them over my carbon & other pernambuco bow sometimes." 
Best wishes,
"I own four Chinese violins--three from the other major eBay sellers, but my favorite by far is my Guarneri, hand-made by Master Wang" --Michael

   "One more quick thing...I have been playing wang's violin a great deal and the more I play it in it just keeps sounding better and better! I am well pleased.
peace to you too my friend."
"hi lu,
i just got back from my trip and found the beautiful violin.  wang did a masterful job on it in every way...i am very pleased with the great attention to detail that only a master violin maker would take the extra time to do or even have the knowledge and skill to accomplish.  i have had a little training in violin luthier repair work, so i can easily recognize the extra attention to detail on the smootheness of the turning of the pegs and the curved radius of the ends of the peg, or the beautiful, perfect fit of the bridge feet, or the smoothe shaping and filing on each side of the edges of the nut and the perfect fit of the soundpost.  the highly flamed and matching  maple of the back, ribs and neck was a beautiful sight, and the scroll and volutes were absolutely perfectly carved...amazing!  the oil varnish color was very nice and the antiquing was not overdone (which is a mistake often made by varnishers in my opinion).  the tone was very good too as one would expect from the very old spruce wood top and the great craftsmanship of the violin.  i put on a new set of really good quality strings and the tone improved even more.  i just need to play the violin in for about 20 hours, and the tone will improve even further.  please give my fondest regards to master wang for a job well (and accomplished rather quickly compared to what i am used to) done.  perhaps one day i will be able to thank him in person...and you as well lu. "--David



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About Me
              I am a violin teacher and a luthier(I am not allowed to make violins often because of my busy job),I work with 3
workshops in Beijing (Wang's violin Workshop,Song's Violin Workshop and Wenming Violin Workshop).These 3 workshops
are selected from a number of workshops mainly according to craftsmanship, sound of the violin, the selection took me a
couple of years.I warmly welcome people in  this line to conduct any kind of business cooperation after sampling our violin.
However, I am not in a position to fulfill very big quatity order,as they are small violin workshops instead of large factories,
however, without doubt, the quality of the violins crafted in these small workshops is beyond comparison. On the other
hand, repair and restoration of violins,either new violin or antique one, are under our businesses.