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FINE Unused Vintage Wingen/Hoffritz Chef's Paring Knife
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FINE Unused Vintage Wingen/Hoffritz Chef's Paring Knife
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We sell quite a few excellent paring knives but none so fine as this one at this price--it's an EXCELLENT performer in any kitchen and a stone cold bargain in the process. From one of the finest cutlery companies Solingen, Germany has ever known, this superb knife was made by Anton Wingen (in their outstanding "Othello" line of cutlery) for the old Hoffritz retail stores back in the 1970's. It has NEVER been used and comes to you in pristine condition with a sharp and pointy blade that can handle just about any of your kitchen's most demanding precision tasks. From peeling and paring to performing culinary surgery, like prepping caille en sarcophage, it's a scalpel to be reckoned with. Better known in this country for their straight razors and for their outstanding Black Forest-style stag-handled cutlery, Wingen-made knives of every description, and their chef's cutlery in particular, are quite highly-prized worldwide but especially in Europe. This outstanding knife is made even more interesting with a laminated edge, as you can see in the photos. With a microscopic layer of cast iron clad onto its edge in an alternating pattern, it's designed to GLIDE through foods with a minimum of resistance. The result is a thinner slicel, a finer cut, more control. It was made with blade triple-riveted in brass over a full tang with rosewood handles. After using a knife like this for the first time I was initially surprised that more makers hadn't copied the design, but then realized the reason why--it's more expensive to make them this way and nobody wants to copy expensive!

It comes with a 3.25" blade (it's 7.25" overall)--beautifully balanced in your hand, with an incredibly comfortable wooden handle with ergonomically correct grip. Best of all, this knife predates the industry's widespread conversion to using recycled steel stock and was forged from virgin steel instead. Whether you are a professional or amateur chef, you'll instantly recognize the value of such a knife, but if not, you need use it only once to understand perfectly.


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