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70cc OCC Chopper Motorized Bike Parts Kit Motor Bicycle
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70cc OCC Chopper Motorized Bike Parts Kit Motor Bicycle
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Chopper Build-Out Package for your

Schwinn OCC Stingray Bicycle for 70cc Motor Kit


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Everything  you need, including the highest quality parts, instructions, and support to turn your Schwinn Stingray (OCC Chopper) bicycle and 70cc motor kit (see other listings for 48, 50, 60, and 80cc motors) into a gas-powered, fuel-efficient, high-performance  Motorized Chopper Moped (Bicycle Motor Kit Purchased Separately). Each component meets our highest quality standards. Our custom-built parts are essential to finishing an OCC Chopper build-out project. You provide the bike, the motor kit, and the elbow grease, and we provide you with everything else!

Complete OCC Chopper Build-Out Package that includes everything you MUST HAVE to fit your 70cc motor kit to your Scwhinn Stingray (OCC Chopper) bicycle, including:
Stingray Motor Mount -- Specially Crafted for a Precison Fit on the Stingray Chopper Bicycle. Eliminates need to drill, weld, or modify your bicycle, thus, protecting the integrity of your bike.
Chromed Chopper Muffler -- Specially Crafted to fit your Stingray and give it that real chopper look and sound.
Stingray Sprocket Adapter -- Specially Crafted for the Stingray. Takes all the work out of professionally motorizing your Stingray Chopper. Eliminates chain slap and wobble.
44 or 48 Tooth Sprocket
Upgraded Clutch Lever -- Upgraded Chopper lever not only looks better but works smoother, too.
Extra Length of Chain and King Link
Headlight and Tailight

Chopper Build-Out Package Notes:
This package is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if you are to successfully motorize a Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper bike. DO NOT attempt to motorize your Stingray without it. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Our package is the ONLY Custom, Complete Build-Out specifically crafted for this purpose.
You will SAVE TIME & MONEY by purchasing the Chopper Build-Out Package together with one of our motor kits. Visit our eBay store to see all available motor kit sizes with Chopper Build-Out Packages.  BY PACKAGING ALL THESE ITEMS TOGETHER WE ARE ABLE TO GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT ON THE ITEM AND THE SHIPPING. SAVE TIME AND MONEY!
Bike not included.
Instructions are available!

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  • WARNING: All persons by purchasing a motorized vehicle, engine kit, or individual parts from CJR IMPORTS LLC, agree to the following disclaimer: Operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit, or use of individual parts, involves the risk of serious bodily injury or even death. The buyer accepts total responsibility for any and all vehicle operation or use that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and or damages of any kind resulting from operating this motorized bicycle, engine kit, or use of individual parts.
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  • We GUARANTEE our motor kits for 30 day from factory defects.
  • We are honest and easy to work with.
  • If there are defects in individual kit parts, we will replace that part at no charge!

Our Quality Components vs. the Others' Cheap "Parts"

Quality vs. Low Price? You've heard the old adage "You get what you pay for." This is no truer than when it comes to imported motor kits. You will notice that on occasion other sellers will offer "similar" products at a lower price than Live Fast Motors. Though we keep our prices competitive, we will never sacrifice the quality of our products just to make a quick buck.  Here are some important points to consider about the quality of motor kit products:

  • We also offer quality high performance parts that WE CRAFT OURSELVES and that can ONLY be obtained from LIVEFASTMOTORS.
  • In China, there are people buying up unofficial, cheaply made, and even salvaged or used parts from the US market and then assembling motors without professional experience or training.  That is why there are so many motors on the market with such poor quality!
  • We source our motors directly from the factory. Our motors are assembled by an official licensed manufacturer--professionals trained to do the job correctly with quality parts! Pay a few dollars more and get quality and service!
  • Beware of international (Non-U.S.) sellers! Their kits are most often much lower quality. We make most of our profit selling parts or second motor kits to people who have made a mistake in buying their first kit from the other guys. Do they guarantee their kits like we do? NO... And good luck getting any of the spare parts you will certainly need from them.  LETS KEEP OUR MONEY IN THE USA.
  • International Sellers often send buyers Motor Kits with improper documentation, which results in confiscation by Customs. Its not worth the risk just to save a few bucks.
  • Disregard Vendors Claiming Japanese Needle Bearings. 2 cycle motors work best with bushings that are easy to replace. Needle bearings fail because 2 cycle lubrication is not very consistent. When the bearings fail the hard broken parts will destroy your motor completely.

There really is a difference when it comes to quality parts. We want to hear from you when you place your first order for a bike kit, rather than after you've made the mistake of buying from some else, but we will be here for you, regardless.

About Us

  • We are the oldest and largest dealer of moped / bicycle motor kits and custom parts in the USA.
  • We have A++ feedback!
  • We have highest reputation for quality bicycle motor kits and innovative parts, including a line of custom parts that can only be obtained from us.
  • Unlike other dealers, we actually care about your project and want you to be successful, and unlike other vendors, when you contact us, you can actually talk to a real person and get straigh-forward answers to your questions. contact us and get answers to your questions. Most vendors don't care about your success... They make a few quick bucks, selling everything from flashlights to boxing gloves... We have been selling motor kits for years, and we have always stocked parts for our kits!  (Visit our eBay store to see our complete line of motor kits and parts.)
  • More than 1/3 of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers and the friends of satisfied customers. There is a reason people keep coming back for each new build!

Converting your bicycle into a motorized bike (call it what you will, a moped, scooter, motorcycle, or chopper) is an enjoyable hobby with a great end-result!

Motorized bikes are very fuel-efficient, getting up to 100+ mpg (some put estimates even higher).  This makes driving them both economical and eco-friendly!

We offer the best quality, high-performance motor kits and parts you can buy, including our very own custom specialty parts like our OCC Chopper Package and our Spring-Loaded Chain Tensioner!  Don't delay, buy today!

We have easy-to-follow instructions available at: