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K66 UPGRADE KIT for John Deere L130, L120 & others
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K66 UPGRADE KIT for John Deere L130, L120 & others
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This is the K66 Upgrade Kit you have been reading about

K66 Upgrade/Conversion Kit for John Deere* Mower

Applicable to models Lxxx, LAxxx, LTxxx, X300 and several others


(For MANUAL PTO models, ask seller as special provisions are required.)

After conversion, you will have the tractor you always expected.
No more "groaning" and stalling. It will run up and down the hills like a deer!

The result will be a powerful tractor with a high quality, automotive grade, fully serviceable transaxle. You would likely spend over $5000 to get an equal or better tractor.

This is a Do-It-Yourself kit. If you have questions, in this regard, please ask first ... before you order. I'm always happy to answer any questions. You might consider buying the Installation manual first (price credited toward kit) to learn what the scope of the project is and determine if it's for you. (See: "Other Items.") For a person with average skills, about four or five hours is required.

This kit will replace your tired, weak or worn out K46 Hydrostatic transmission with a new, more robust and powerful Tuff Torq K66 Hydrostatic transmission. Everything you need to complete the upgrade is provided.

> A brand new Tuff Torq K66R Hydrostatic transaxle.
> A set of brand new JD 1" axle wheel/rims. (Tires not included)
> All the required transaxle installation parts including nuts and bolts ... All neatly bagged and identified.
> A 34-page detailed, color pictorial, installation manual that anyone can follow. (See photos for view of the Index and a sample page.)
> Free and immediate technical telephone or email support to help you out if you have an unexpected problem.
> Sixty-day limited warranty provided by seller. (Parts and transaxle)

What additional things you will need:
> Two auto-type jack stands.
> Basic hand tools and a basic set of metric box end wrenches and a 5/8" US box end wrench.
> Possibly a 3/8" electric hand drill.
> A safe place to work.
> A "Helper-Outer." (i.e., friend or spouse)

What results to expect:
You will have a great tractor that doesn't give up when it gets hot. It will essentially be changed from a "Lawn Mower" to a Utility Garden Tractor. Guaranteed to put a big smile on your face … and save you a bundle $$$! (Read below what others have reported.)

FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48, via FedEx Ground. (The kit weighs approximately 100 lbs.) The usual delivery time is 3-5 business days, after pickup. We try to ship kits within 2-3 business days after receipt of cleared funds. (Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Europe or other locations will be the actual expense. Please ask first to avoid "surprises.")

EBay “Buy It Now” requires an immediate PayPal payment. Please contact seller if this is a problem.

A no-question refund will be given, with Return Authorization, if your complete unused kit is returned at your expense, within seven days, and it arrives in the same condition as sent to you. (No partial refunds for partial returns.) Your refund will be the price you paid for your kit, MINUS our actual cost to send it to you. In case of a defective or missing part, we will replace the part.

Buy Now and enjoy a hard working "New" tractor.



Q:  Can I simply pull out my failed K46 transaxle and replace with the K66?
A:  No. There are many required pieces of hardware that must be replaced for the upgrade.

Q: What is the difference between my old K46 and the new K66?
A: The K46 is not user serviceable. The K66 is fully serviceable, with drain plugs and an external oil reservoir. The K66 is built to automotive standards. The K66 has virtually TWICE the torque of the K66. It is suitable for "Ground Engagement."

Q:  Are these transaxles surplus, "seconds" or used?
A:  No, they are brand new, Made in America, genuine Tuff Torq K66r transaxles, shipped directly from the Tuff Torq factory in Tennessee.

Q: My L130 has lost power and can hardly move up a hill. Will this fix it?
A: It sounds like your K46 transaxle has failed. This conversion will restore your performance and likely even better than new! You will be very pleased!

Q: How hard is it to install this kit?
A: Basically, it is a "disconnect-and-remove-old-parts-and-install-and-reconnect-new-ones." It is not difficult with our kit and Installation Manual. Most people report about four or five hours to install.

Q: I have a Scott's tractor with a failed transaxle. Will this kit work?

A: Many tractors are build on the same frame and drive system as the JD. I may be able to cross-reference and determine applicability. Ask.

Q: I have a John Deere model with a manual PTO, in other words, a lever to start the mower. Will this kit work OK?
A: Tractor models with manual PTO's require a specifically designed kit for your model. The reason is the manual PTO models require a custom made engine drive sheave that JD does not have. We specially manufacture it. If this applies to your tractor, please ask and we will give you the details.

Q:  Is there a warranty?
A:  Yes, we offer a 60-day limited warranty. Since this is a DIY project and there are a variety of unknown variables, we cannot guarantee the performance or outcome of the conversion. We will guarantee your parts as serviceable for the intended purpose for sixty days from the date of purchase. If any parts in the kit are defective, upon Return Authorization, we will replace it with a like part, if available, or refund to you our documented purchase price for the part.

Q:  Will this affect my John Deere tractor warranty?
A:  Absolutely. Since you are modifying your tractor, your JD warranty, if one still exists, will be void. Do not expect John Deere to assist, in this regard, in any way.

Q: Why do I need new rims?
A: Your current K46 transaxle has 3/4" axle shafts. Your new K66 is heavier and beefier and uses 1" axle shafts. It has been determined that "modifying" your old rims is not practical.

Q: Do I need new tires?
A: You can usually transfer your current tires over to the new rims. We do not sell tires, however if you want different tires, such as the lug tires, pictured in this eBay ad, let me know and I'll show you were to find them on the Internet.

Q: Will you ship to Australia, the UK or Canada?
A: Yes, we will be glad to. Please supply an exact shipping address, including postal code when inquiring about the shipping rate. We use FedEx International Economy service.

See a short You Tube video of an L130, with the K66 Upgrade Kit, plowing snow.


Customer Barry T. of BC, Canada, wrote: (L130) "Well, I'm back on the road again and it is with great joy in the difference the K66 makes!!!!! You guys have out done yourselves. You didn't miss a thing. I have done a lot of "up grade kits' to all kinds of equipment over the years and this the best, bar none! Very easy to do, about 3 hours for me."

Customer Casey O. of MO wrote: (L130) “I mowed yesterday for the 1st time after installing the K66 kit.  All I can say is WOW, what a difference!  Not only does my tractor have more speed and doesn’t stall going up hills, it will actually back up the hill, too.  I had no problem mowing the lower end of the property, which I had stopped doing for fear I’d get stuck down there and have to push the tractor out up the steepest hill. My mowing time has been cut in half and my only limitation now is the rear tires.  When it’s time for tires I will definitely go with the lug type."

Customer Richard P. of PA wrote: (L130) "Thanx again for your efforts, the tractor truly is a different machine now. Bottom line: tractor w/ new K66 was worth the cost/effort-- actually got a little 'whiplash' in reverse-ha"

Customer Robert K. of MO wrote: (L120) “I installed the upgrade kit in my L120 yesterday.  It was a lot easier than I figured and only took four hours. When your other customer said it was like a whole new mower, he's not kidding!  It's faster than it was before, and that big hill where the old transaxle couldn't pull it doesn't even slow it down now!  I am *very* pleased! Thank you so much for making this kit available!! I'm loving my "new" mower!!!   :-)  :-)  :-)

Customer Jim M.  of WI wrote: (L120)  “Hey Roger, it's completed and it's a monster! I'm a happy camper and here is my review:”
(Jim's blog is very interesting, with a good write up about his conversion and other comments. Suggested reading)

Customer Phil S. of MN wrote: (L130):
I just thought you might like to know.........WOW! I am VERY PLEASED!!!!!!
UNBELIEVABLE POWER! And FAST! I can't believe the difference. I mowed one of my 2 acres here tonight and that L130 has some serious get up & go! I'm very happy with it Roger.

Customer Mike R. of WA state wrote: (L130) "WHAT A RIDE! Your kit has totally flattened what used to be a very slopey 5 acres. Baby runs like a champ! No more mowing across slopes, with my heart in my throat, because I could not mow up and down anymore. Thanks for a great idea, and a great kit!

Customer Rick B. of NC wrote: (L130) "I completed my K66 upgrade for my L130 this weekend.  It took almost exactly 4 hours but I decided to change my blades and drive belt on my deck as well.  The instructions are perfect.  I cannot believe how much of a difference the new Transmission made.  It is a better machine.  This is the lawn mower that John Deere should have made!  Thanks again, great job on packaging, shipping, instructions.

Customer Duane V. of SD wrote: (LA120) Roger, I gave my k66 the ultimate test today. We got 15 inches of snow here in South Dakota with blizzard conditions for 2 days. My JD with the k66 kit and a snow blower was able to handle it extremely well. I was able to go right through the deep snow. Sometimes it was so deep I had to first go through with the blower lifted, then back up to go again with it down. It was going well in snow as deep as the blower. It had plenty of power for the extreme conditions. I believe I would not have been able to do it without the k66 upgrade.

Customer Tim P. of NY wrote: (L130) “It took me about 4-1/2 hours, in total, to remove the old transaxle and replace with the new K66 ... And I really took my time! This L130 has new life! I plowed some snow that has been sitting for over a month and had firmed up and turned crusty.

Customer Peter Y. of Queensland, Australia wrote: (L120) "All was easily installed last week-end and is now roaring up hills and generally tearing about the place! Thanks again!!"

Customer Frank C. of NJ wrote (L130): "Roger, thanks for your excellent kit and instructions.  Install went smoothly, no problems. The new transmission is a beast!  Excellent torque.”

Customer Tony S. of Australia wrote: (LT150) "
Just wanted to let you know that I have completed my upgrade and the result is great, what a difference it makes.  I now have the mower that JD should have sold in the first place!!!”

Customer Donald B. of NJ wrote: (LA150) "Hi Roger, the install is complete. The tractor (LA150) runs like a dream. Thanks for everything."

Customer Don S. of WA State wrote: (L120) “I installed the new transmission in my L120. You did a good job putting together the kit. The instruction book was excellent and I did not have any problems with the installation. I spent about 2 hrs cutting grass and was very impressed with how well the mower went up steep slopes with out any hesitation. I am glade I made the decision to by your kit.

Customer Michael Y. of PA wrote: (L130) "Roger, I just did the upgrade, all I can say is Oh my God and Wow! The tractor runs better than new. Just so you know I think I might have broken the record for the install, from the time the beer hit the cooler to the time the last bolt was turned was 1-1/2 hrs. (Roger: "No Doubt!) I did have help from my neighbor but it was very easy. Thanks again for your help."

Customer Matthew F. of NH wrote: (L130) "Roger, all the reviews were correct ... the job took about 2 hours. The tractor shoots out of ruts in our back field that would have gotten the old transaxle stuck. The torque is great and the tractor is better than new. The job is a snap. Thanks for support for questions. I'm glad that you figured out this solution."

Customer Paul S. of WA State wrote: (L111) "Hi, Roger. It's all installed and working perfectly. It took me a bout 4 hours and a good chunk of that time was swapping the tires onto the new rims. You've done an excellent job putting this all together. A VERY professional package!"


*"John Deere" is a Registered Trade Mark of Deere & Co. Inc. This Upgrade Kit is NOT, in any way, associated with John Deere or Deere & Co. Inc. We are not a John Deere dealer.